It's Full Speed ahead at Gökçelik With The Continuation of Digital Transformation Projects…

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With the S/4 HANA ERP project successfully under its belt, Gökçelik's digital transformation through advanced technology investments moves straight on to commission the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) project in 2021.

Focussing on Industry 4.0 and the internet of things, the company's MES project aims to furnish instantaneous traceability across its operations in all areas of production via IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies.

The starting point for implementation of MES is SAP MII architecture, and the solution is realised with the help of the CITS IT team, Gökçelik's consultation partner in the project.

Incorporated in the MES project is the use of ANDON display units, screens that enable monitoring by management, and apps that increase the visibility of production facilities. The company's main objectives are: to ensure continuity of business, increase productivity, and minimise losses; to monitor and analyse the data from our instantaneous OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance); and to manage the realisation of remedial costs, and increase market competitiveness.

MES Project Outcomes will:

• Increase customer satisfaction,

• Reduce labour costs,

• Decrease production cycle times,

• Shorten order delivery times,

• Cut down on paperwork,

• Boost machine productivity,

• Develop business agility and gain time,

• Improve supply chain visibility.

GÖKÇELİK, providing the sector with new perspectives for 45 years by its slogan, “Wherever the Shelf Exists”, continues to maintain its pioneering mission by investing in advanced technology.