The mechanism of Gökçelik functions like a well oiled clock. Every department - from design to project preparation, from assembly to maintenance - gets behind the job. A happy customer brings happiness to every employee at Gökçelik. This happiness is also a source of motivation for the next project.


Gökçelik, after gaining 45 years of experience in both the sector and across almost every geographical region of the world, brings the latest trends and materials to its designs. Being capable of flexible production is Gökçelik's most important feature.

Preparation of Projects

Designing a project means doing all of the necessary work within a limited period of time to find the solution to a problem, to eliminate a deficiency, or to evaluate an emerging opportunity.

Projects are done to a pre-agreed budget and use specified resources. A project is a "research and development" study carried out for the realization of a scheme.

When a new product is designed, a schedule of meetings with the customer is arranged. A brief is created by the design team, with a series of interviews made according to a time frame. After brainstorming with the design team in line with the brief, product designs are conceived. Design must first fit the following criteria:

  • Be original (obviously).

  • Have a result that is measurable or evaluable.

  • Have a result that is obtainable.

  • Be reasonable and feasible within current conditions and possibilities.

  • Be timely: ie have start and end times.

After the concept design that results from the project is approved by the customer, a study sample is made.

Sample Production

Study samples are made based on designs that result from projects. Samples are known as early instances, models, or versions of the design. Study samples follow the design phase and they are not final products. At this stage, they are the closest possible version of the product to the final forms. Their main purpose is to test whether designs are shapely and cogent. Incorrect geometry, function and process that show up in samples are corrected by reference back to the design stage. After samples are tested, the products are developed with the necessary revisions in place. Then the final product is handed over to the production department. Applications for Patent, Utility Model, Design and Trademark Registration are made for the resulting products.


Goods produced on the most advanced technology manufacturing lines, with the highest quality materials, must be packaged in the best way. Because Gökçelik employees know what matters is that their products should reach their destinations with the same quality. Each product is packaged with all shipping conditions in mind.

Assembly and Installation

When products reach their destinations, they are installed by Gökçelik assembly teams or supervisors in the best, most beautiful and soundest way, and in compliance with all occupational safety measures.

Periodic Maintenance

In heavily used shelving systems, deformation can be seen by the end of a certain period. Periodic maintenance of shelving systems is made by checking all bolted and welded joints, uprights and cross beams ]from the ground upwards.

After Sales Support

Gökçelik, within and beyond the framework of national and international trade rules and consumer rights, and in the spirit of responsibility, provides every kind of spare part, service, and maintenance to develop solutions for customer requests at the earliest possible convenience.