Message from the CEO

Those who follow their dreams,
write the STORY of change!

“In every geographical location and in every age, the burden of chasing the dreams you've had has been heavy; but we see that those who found things, discovered new continents, invented the microscope or telephone, and who turned objects into works of art were all dreamers. Throughout the entire history of our world, those dreamers have always changed and developed life. I'm proud to say that I'm also a dreamer.

“I am also the narrator of a dream I had 45 years ago. I am a listener, a dream listener, I listen to young people's dreams and I consider it my duty to encourage them to write their own stories of change.

“When I started this business 45 years ago, I was hoping my dreams would change my life. What happened was beyond my expectations. Many people's lives have changed, what we did has brought about changes in employment, our products have changed many aspects of retail, our designs have changed the way our customers work and earn.

“Over the 45 year period while all this was happening, there was one point that I took care never to change, to go on protecting under all conditions; 'the work ethic'...

“With a Vocational High School background, I had learned all the merits of being a good business person; so, having learned and adopted moral aspects with all my heart, I applied them in my business and personal life.

“To be persistent, determined, honest and virtuous; to keep one's promise; to be on the job at all times, and to work and work… in forty-five years, I have never compromised on any of these. They have always been the keys to the success I dreamt of forty-five years ago.

“Apart from my own business, I've always known that one of my obligations as a business person, as well as in my dreams, was to make an impact by improving the industry of my city and country. Those of us who have established and rooted our own business, also have the responsibility of taking on structures such as industrial chambers, organized industrial zones, stock markets; and of supporting initiatives that would contribute to the root of our economy in democratic structures, establishing export unions and organized industrial zones where business people could come together in entrepreneurial delegations.

“I also humbly accepted the task of creating an Industrial Zone Organisation, and one of the most precious memories of my forty-five years of business life has been becoming head of a delegation of entrepreneurs.

“I wish for growth in the number of our country's companies that have been climbing the ladder for half a century; firms with this potential survive, their institutionalisation should be supported by state facilities.

“At Gökçelik, we took the institutionalisation step five years ago, by starting our transformation into a company that could fulfil the requirements of the age in all aspects, including human resources and technology. We've planned the near and distant future of our company according to many different scenarios. The realisation of each firm doing this will enable them not only to look to the future of their own business, but also for us to see the future of our country from a larger window and with greater hopes.

“Thanks to these steps of institutionalisation, I am happy to see that our company, which I have been managing for forty-five years, is now in safe hands; and I hope that its progress will continue and reach many more years with this wonderful team that has embraced the company.

I regard the forty-five years we have been through, with all the achievements of Gökçelik, as the achievements of our country; and I offer my love and respect to all of you.”