Social Responsibility


Gökçelik has taken exemplary steps, inspired by its founder's personality and by the good traditions in the genes of the company's culture. Striving to contribute to the growth of goodness in the world, to be a part of that goodness and - as a corporate legacy - to bequeath good behaviour to the company's future generations, Gökçelik also supports gender equality, which is one of the main sources of goodness.

Gökçelik was amongst the first companies to sign the United Nations Convention on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (WEPs). Gökçelik is also a member of the Women's Empowerment Platform and actively supports the Platform by participating in meetings and programmed events.

For the sake of its employees, Gökçelik's safety at work practices are conducted with an approach that prioritizes the worker, not the company.

One of Gökçelik's favourite corporate traditions is of regular blood donations; while it also assumes responsibility for opening nurseries and primary schools with the revenues collected from the factories in NOSAB; and gives out scholarships to university students.

Gökçelik, which in recent years has accelerated digital transformation, technological transformation and corporate transformation – as a pioneer in its sector in these fields - is preparing to take inspiring, encouraging and promising new steps towards social good for the whole world by accelerating the transformation of goodness.

Gökçelik places huge importance on education and youth. This is why industry has always been the engine of collaborations with universities that improve the education of students. In line with the importance it assigns to education, the company supports the wooden furniture needs of various schools with its own products. And twice a year, it distributes books to its employees and children.