Our Business Ethics

At Gökçelik, our understanding of business ethics is based on the values of trust and honesty. It establishes the understanding that doing business goes beyond moral values in all the activities we conduct both with institutions and individuals.

The Gökçelik Code of Ethics has been defined in order to remain unaffected by differences in understanding between the ethics of individuals. Gökçelik's expectations under its Code of Ethics are: to respect and value the beliefs and personal values of all its employees, stakeholders and business partners; and to act within the framework of Gökçelik's values and principles.

Honesty: Gökçelik takes honesty as the principal basis for all relations and processes, attaching high importance to trust, sincerity and moral values.

Confidentiality: It is crucial that Gökçelik protects the private information of its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders; and the sharing of this information with third parties is not permitted without their express approval. Gökçelik employees are expected to protect confidential information such as trade secrets, classified data, operational details, and information on security measures; and to use such information only in the course of their duties, and according to the purposes of the company they work for.

Justice: Gökçelik is a company providing equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of differences in race, nationality, language, religion, gender, social status among its employees, customers and suppliers; and avoids taking prejudiced attitudes. Gökçelik employees are impartial and avoid relationships or activities that might hinder the taking of fair decisions.

Conflicts of Interest: Conflicts of interest refer to situations in which Gökçelik employees might obtain any kind of financial or intangible benefits for themselves, their relatives, friends, customers, suppliers and organizations in such a way as could affect their ability to perform their duties in an impartial manner. Gökçelik employees avoid taking actions that could result in conflicts of interest; and they take care to protect the benefit of the company during their duties. Employees do not enter into business relationships with family members, friends or other persons; or become involved in any relationship that provides reciprocal or unrequited benefits.

Relations with Other Institutions: In all its commercial relations, Gökçelik sticks to the values of honesty, equality, and compliance with the law. In every kind of written and verbal interaction, the use of derogatory, discriminatory or offensive terms is avoided. Gifts of money or property, plus any special discounts or things that contradict the ethical rules, or appear to have symbolic value, are declined. Other persons and/or organizations in commercial relationships are not be given or lent money and/or goods/services. It is crucial that Gökçelik employees and managers follow the Code of Ethics and act in this manner while performing all kinds of information exchange, payment and business transaction.

Quality and Continuous Improvement: Gökçelik is aware that the provision of a quality service is one of the most effective ways of establishing long-term and healthy relationships with its customers; and which strengthens its position in the sector of its operations. Amongst the primary goals of Gökçelik is the continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, in accordance with customers' needs, in response to their requests, in the best possible way, and in a timely fashion.